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Open Mon through Sat 8am - 8pm

All on-site appointments include:

  • 7 days of free follow-up phone and remote support  
  • Free antivirus software installation  
  • Support for multiple computers at no extra charge  
  • A 6-month Warranty on all repairs
  • Printer and network connections at no extra charge  

We have the simplest pricing in the business:

The Glendale Computer Repair labor rate is only $99 per hour for any on-site services, billed in 15 minute intervals with only a 1 hour minimum, no trip charges, or hidden charges for unseen issues. You are simply billed for the technician's time, have him help you with whatever you like!

Most repairs are completed within the first hour such as:

  • Virus diagnosis and removal  
  • Printer connection diagnosis and repair or setup 
  • Wireless / Wired network diagnosis and repair or setup
  • Slow or not working Internet connection repairs 
  • E-mail issues  
  • Computer hardware diagnosis and parts replacement  
  • Software installation and tutorial 

Curious about something not listed? Just call, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Here are some examples of Glendale Computer Repair'ssm pricing versus other computer repair competitors in Glendale. By choosing locally owned and operated business you will see savings of over 60% on common service calls:


Virus Removal




 Our Pricing
(avg times)

(1 hr)

(1 hr or less)

(1.0-1.5 hrs)

(1.0 hr)

 Geek Squad


 Not Listed


 Data Doctors










*Prices were obtained from competitors websites 8/16/11 based on comparable services. Pricing may change at any time. Geek Squad, Data Doctors, and Staples are registered trademarks.

Remember unlike most of our competitors Glendale Computer Repair'ssm services can also be overlapped. Our Computer Technician may be able to Diagnose, backup, and repair both of your computers in an hour!

If you do not store very much data on your computer or if you only use it for simple tasks why pay for flat rates which are averaged including worst case scenarios?

Glendale Computer Repair'ssm  technicians are not scared to multi-task! Get your money's worth! Have him check out all your computers while he's there All the computers in your house can be tuned up, diagnosed, backed up, or whatever they need, you can even have your neighbor bring their computer over too!

We do not charge "tutorial fees" just because you ask a question while the computer technician is working. Again it's very simple, he's your personal computer repair technician for as much time as you would like him to stay.

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to serve you, we are a locally owned and operated business with the training and support from the computer manufacturers and software developers to ensure Glendale Computer Repairsm  techs can get you up and going as fast as possible. It Really is the best of both worlds at a great price.

Microsoft Office Computer Repair
  Micorsoft Outlook Computer Repair
Word Computer Repair
  Excel Computer Repair  
 Power Point Computer Repair
Dell Computer Repair
Intel Computer Repair 
Logitech Mouse and Keyboard 
Gateway Computer Repair
Canon Printer Repair
Brother Printer Repair
Epson Printer Repair
ATI Computer Repair
Mcafee Anti-virus
Microsoft Computer Repair
Quickbooks Computer Repair
Internet Explorer Computer Repair
Acer Computer Repair
Sony Vaio Computer Repair
Lenovo Computer Repair
IBM Computer Repair
Asus Computer Repiar
HP Computer Repair
Amd Computer Repair
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